Hi there! I'm Maura, owner of Sleepable. I help frustrated and exhausted parents get the healthy, quality sleep their family deserves by providing a holistic, individualized approach that is backed by science.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Mom to Maeve
Owner of Sleepable


Here is where you can speak to the amazing experience that you provide your couples with! What can they expect from working with you? How do you serve them in a way that is unique and set apart from others in your industry? Bare your soul and share it all here!

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As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I was confident my transition into parenthood would be smooth. After all, I had spent the past 10 years practicing in pediatrics. Shouldn't that be enough prep work? No, unfortunately, it was not.

Soon after the birth of my daughter, my husband and I found ourselves severely sleep-deprived.  I felt like a zombie in a constant daze.  We were both running on fumes- physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.

I knew something had to change. I needed to learn “why”.
Why are there so many conflicting views on sleep? 
Why was I being offered these sleep recommendations in the first place?
Why wasn’t my daughter’s sleep improving?
Why is sleeping so gosh darn hard?

I knew there had to be a better option.

Even though I’m in a position to share my expertise now, that wasn’t always the case.  

My Story

And that's when I became OBSESSED with learning everything I could about pediatric sleep. I can talk about it for hours, especially while sipping a glass of wine!

Sleep is a science, and similar to a child's growth and development, the progression of sleep occurs in a reasonably predictable and consistent manner.

However, just as there is a wide range of "normal" in a child's growth and development, sleep is not one size fits all.

By learning the science of sleep and becoming a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I was able to better understand my daughter’s individual sleep needs and create her a customized sleep plan.

Seeing results took time and patience, but her sleep improved. Our family’s sleep improved. And bedtime has become my favorite part of the day.

This is possible for your family, too.

From there, I committed to studying a science-based, holistic approach to baby & toddler sleep.

I want to provide sleep support that evaluates your child as a whole, beyond strictly their sleep. We may discuss feedings, your child’s behavior, lifestyle, and more.


Sleep is not one size fits all. Your child and family have unique needs and goals, which is why I take an individualized approach to your child's sleep through a 1-on-1 experience.


Similar to a child's growth and development, the progression of sleep occurs in a reasonably predictable and consistent manner. I can always give you the “why” behind my recommendations.


My Approach

backed by science

I have ten years of experience working in pediatrics- the first five years as a nurse and the most recent five years as a pediatric nurse practitioner. My current role is in developmental and behavioral pediatrics. In this role, I specialize in treating children with developmental or behavioral concerns that require diagnosing and management outside the scope/comfort level of a pediatrician. Working with kids brings out the kid in me. I find them such a joy to be around.

It is because of my medical background that I take a science-based, holistic approach to sleep. All information and recommendations follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Beyond understanding the science of sleep, I consider factors such as lifestyle, postpartum health, feeding, and more. 

My Professional Experience

the fun stuff

Where To Find Me

My favorite roles are being a wife to my wonderful and supportive husband and a mom to my energetic and curious 16-month-old daughter who already has no problem expressing herself. 

I looooove being outdoors, especially by the water! My favorite place is the beach. I could park myself in a beach chair with a good book and be there from sunrise until sunset.

I enjoy traveling and being active (running, hiking, pickleball, skiing, swimming) but also love slower-paced activities like venturing to wineries and browsing antique stores.

I went to Boston College for undergrad and the University of Virginia for graduate school. I love watching college sports and rooting for the Eagles and ‘Hoos! I still hope to one day have a winning March Madness bracket.

I'm that person who you look over while at a red light and see is jamming out in their car to the radio. Right now, I'm probably singing along to "Wheels on the Bus" or "10 Little Monkeys". Parenthood, right?

Parents of Addie, 21 months old

Maura provided us with a detailed plan tailored to our daughter's needs with specific examples of things we could do or say. She was in constant communication with us in order to adjust the plan if necessary. Overall, it was a smooth experience, not as difficult as I thought it would be, and my daughter responded well. 

"Maura was wonderful to work with. The entire family is now sleeping well!"

Parents of Patrick, 22 months old

My husband and I were so defeated after our once great sleeper started waking up for hours on end every single night. Maura took the time to get to know our son, make him feel comfortable, and get a full understanding our whole family dynamic. We immediately felt like we were in good hands. Maura helped us see what parts of our routine were not working and she crafted a sleep plan that was tailored perfectly for our son. He is now a “super sleeper” and sleeps 12 hours at night plus his 2 hour nap. We could not be happier with our entire experience with Maura- she is the best!

"Maura quite literally saved our family when it comes to sleep."

Parents of Colin, 5 months old

Started to see positive results within a couple of days. There were a bunch of times when we needed some clarification on the sleep plan or something different our baby was doing, and Maura was quick to respond and provide support throughout the entire process.

"Great overall experience. The consultation and sleep plan was clear and helpful."

Parents of Jimmy, 4 years

We were incredibly impressed with Maura and her program! Our 4 year old was waking up multiple times throughout the night and after 2 short weeks of following Maura's guidance, he is sleeping through the night and is a MUCH happier kid.

"I would recommend Maura to any family that needs sleep support!"