Thank you Maura for helping our daughter become a super sleeper!  

We reached out to Maura when our daughter was almost 3.5 years old, we started to run into tantrums at bedtime and a lot of resistance with the whole bedtime routine. My husband and I would spend our entire nights struggling with our daughter, switching back and forth with her in the middle of tantrums. We were exhausted and not sure what to do, and that is when we turned to Maura.

We had an initial conversation with Maura to explain our situation and what we were hoping to accomplish. Maura became part of our village, she is so patient and understanding, she listens and helps to validate our thoughts, feelings and experiences with our daughter.  

After our initial conversation and answering some questions, Maura put together a detailed sleep plan and sent it over to us. Once we began the plan, Maura supported us all the way through! 

Maura responded to us right away while in the middle of handling tantrums, providing support and suggestions as we worked through changes to follow our sleep plan and new routine. We could not have made it through without her.

Our sleep plan allowed our entire family to learn the importance of sleep and set a comfortable routine that makes bedtime actually enjoyable! 

Parents of Maddie, 3.5 years

Maura quite literally saved our family when it comes to sleep. 

My husband and I were so defeated after our once great sleeper started waking up for hours on end every single night. Maura took the time to get to know our son, make him feel comfortable, and get a full understanding our whole family dynamic. We immediately felt like we were in good hands. She took the time to talk through all our options and helped guide us to the plan we felt would be the best fit for our family. Maura helped us see what parts of our routine were not working and she crafted a sleep plan that was tailored perfectly for our son. He is now a “super sleeper” and sleeps 12 hours at night plus his 2 hour nap. We could not be happier with our entire experience with Maura- she is the best!

Parents of Patrick, 22 months

Great overall experience. 

We started to see positive results within a couple of days. There were a bunch of times when we needed some clarification on the sleep plan or something different our baby was doing, and Maura was quick to respond and provide support throughout the entire process.

Parents of Colin, 5 months

We were incredibly impressed with Maura and her program! 

Our 4 year old was waking up multiple times throughout the night and after 2 short weeks of following Maura's guidance, he is sleeping through the night and is a MUCH happier kid. Maura was helpful, supportive, and thorough during the entire process. We really appreciated how she took time to understand the background before crafting a specific plan for our child. I would recommend Maura to any family that needs sleep support! Thank you, Maura!

Parents of Jimmy, 4 years

Maura was wonderful to work with! 

She was thoughtful, friendly, and very knowledgeable. She provided us with a detailed plan tailored to our daughter's needs with specific examples of things we could do or say. She was in constant communication with us in order to adjust the plan if necessary. When my daughter got sick, Maura was flexible and gave us excellent advice. Overall, it was a smooth experience, not as difficult as I thought it would be, and my daughter responded well. The entire family is now sleeping well!

Parents of Addie, 21 months

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