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Meet Maura

Hi there! I’m Maura Negri, MSN, CPNP-PC, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and owner of Sleepable!

I help frustrated and exhausted parents get the healthy and quality sleep their family deserves.  I educate and empower parents by using a holistic, science-based approach to create customized sleep plans.  At Sleepable, I provide 1-on-1 experience to rebuild parents’ confidence and assist their families to look forward to sleep and become well-rested.  Even though I’m in a position to share my expertise now, that wasn’t always the case.  There was a time when my family and I were utterly exhausted and the thought of having restful nights of sleep was a figment of my imagination.  I was in your shoes.  Let me tell you how I got to where I am today.  

Our Story with Sleep

I welcomed my daughter in November 2021.  Leading up to her arrival, I felt pretty confident that my experience as a pediatric Nurse and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner would make for a smooth transition to parenthood, so, I never really felt the need to read the “what to expect” books.  I did after all have 10 years of pediatric clinic experience under my belt.  Wasn’t that enough preparation?  No, unfortunately, it was not.

Soon after my daughter’s arrival, my husband and I found ourselves running on fumes.  I felt like a zombie in a constant sleep-deprived daze. Naively, I thought infants were great sleepers.  I was told I slept through the night by 6 weeks….so why wasn’t my daughter falling suit?  Why was it so hard to get her to sleep and stay asleep?  Realizing I knew very little about infant sleep, I took a deep dive.

My husband and I read countless books and blogs (usually at 3 am), followed numerous social media accounts, and bought several generic “sleep plans” but were always left with more questions and worsening sleep deprivation.  It was confusing to read the conflicting information we were receiving and we even sought help from a sleep consultant.  While you often hear that a sleep consultant changed a family’s life for the better,  we, unfortunately, didn’t have that experience.  We continued to feel defeated and still had so many questions following our consultation.

I knew something had to change.  I needed to learn “why” for myself.

Why wasn’t my daughter’s sleep improving?

Why is there so much conflicting information? 

Why was I being offered sleep recommendations in the first place? 

Why is sleep so gosh darn hard?  

And thus, my passion for learning about infant and child sleep and my desire to become a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant was born.

I’m ultimately thankful for my not-so-great experiences because they showed me that the sleep resources available to us are not created equally.  Sleep is a science, but sleep is not one size fits all.  You cannot put a child or their sleep needs in a box.  Each child has their own unique sleep needs.  By learning the science of sleep and becoming a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I was able to better understand my daughter’s individual sleep needs and create my own sleep plan for her.  Seeing results took time and patience, but her sleep did improve.  Our family’s sleep improved.  And bedtime has since become my favorite part of my day.  It’s not about just following sleep recommendations but being educated on and understanding the why behind those recommendations.

My Goal

My goal is to help other struggling families feel empowered and confident in their ability to have a well-rested family once again.

At Sleepable, I believe every child is capable of sleep and every parent is capable of setting their child up for sleep success.  If you feel like you need individualized support to get your child and family the quality sleep you all deserve, I am here for you. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out and book a Discovery Call

Maura Negri, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and owner of Sleepable Solutions

Hi there! I'm Maura, owner of Sleepable Solutions. I’m a mom, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant. My passion is to educate and empower parents to help their children sleep through an individualized sleep plan based on a holistic, science-based approach.

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